FuelEnergizer South Africa based in Pretoria is the Manufacturer and Distributor of the revolutionary fuel saving combustion enhancer - FuelEnergizer.

During 2006 the Hancke family investigated the possibility to develop a combustion enhancer as a fuel saver to combat the ever increasing fuel prices. After extensive research and laboratory tests Helgard Hancke finally developed a petrochemical composition for local petrol and diesel.

Practical tests followed until October 2008 and a sample of FuelEnergizer mixed with local fuel then tested by the SABS in accordance with SANS 342:2006 edition 4 specifications.

The final conclusion of the test by the SABS – “The sample complies with the requirements of specification SANS 342 in respect of tests carried out”. FuelEnergizer therefore complies with all the specifications of SANS 342:2006 edition 4.

Although an absolute necessity in the world of combustion engines it is also a known fact that automotive fuel is one of the culprits releasing harmful gasses in the atmosphere. CO₂ emission tests done by a reputable institution – Speed Spot - with FuelEnergizer delivered results that reduce the CO exhaust emissions gasses of a vehicle with up to 8,56%. FuelEnergizer is therefore an Ozone friendly product that contributes towards the strive to lesson harmful Greenhouse Gas Emissions and improve Carbon Credit claims.

Strategic marketing were implemented from October 2010 and 10 independent franchises are already in place throughout the country.

FuelEnergizer South Africa recently signed an agreement with a business enterprise in Germany re exporting of FuelEnergizer to Germany and FuelEnergizer South Africa agreed to the erection of a Manufacturing plant in Hamburg in the near future during Hancke’s recent visit to Germany.

International/Europe patent pending.